Honjitsu mo Hare, Ijo Nashi

Honjitsu mo Hare, Ijo Nashi

Other name: 本日も晴れ。異状なし 〜南の島 駐在所物語〜 Honjitsu mo Hare Ijou nashi ~Minami no Shima Chuuzaijo Monogatari~ Honjitsu mo Hare. Ijo Nashi Clear Skies, No Incidents


Narumi is a remote and peaceful island (modeled after the real-life island of Hateruma) that has much more need for a doctor than for police. But one day, Shirase Ryo, a policeman gets assigned there, to the disappointment of the residents. However, as he gradually becomes friends with the people living there, he begins to help them address their own problems and concerns for the future of the island.

Director: Kato Arata [加藤新] and Yamamoto Takeyoshi [山本剛義]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2009

Genre: Drama; life;

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