Seoul Vibe (2022)

Seoul Vibe (2022)

Other name: 서울대작전 Seouldaejagjeon Seouldaejakjeon Seoul Grand Operation Operation Seoul National University The Seoul Sting


Set against the backdrop of the 1988 Seoul Olympics, “Seoul Vibe” is a new film about an unimaginably grandiose plot for a slush fund robbery—and the thrilling car chase that ensues on the streets of Seoul. Described as an “action blockbuster,” the movie will revolve around the “Samgyedong Supreme Team,” a crew of talented drivers that gets involved in investigating the slush fund.

Original Network: Netflix;

Director: Moon Hyeon Seong [문현성]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Action; Crime;

Seoul Vibe (2022) trailer:
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